•♡• About Me •♡•


Introducing yourself is one of the hardest things to do. How does one narrow one’s existence into a few short sentences or paragraphs and somehow make it “safe” for human consumption. I’ve never really been sure how people can do that… so here are some of the elements of my existence.

  • 30-something massage therapist and light working spirit rooted in Virginia Beach, VA
  • Devoted mom and chihuahua whisperer with a ‘thing’ for makeup and shiny things
  • Lifelong lover of dance, magic, music, poetry, and all things deep and real
  • Holistic health junkie, but not the kind that keeps kale in her purse, the kind that will enjoy a plate of wings and a beer on a night out with no remorse
  • Love is more a verb than a noun and if you stick around with me long enough, I’ll have you chasing your dream like its the ice cream truck
  • My vocabulary is comprised mainly of swear words, poetic adjectives, and my blood type is coffee.

You’re prepared. Let’s get started…