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If you came looking for easy answers and filtered, proper commentary about life… well, my dear, I think you may wanna hold on… cause this is going to be a very different ride and a very different kinda blog.

Here, we talk about the hard stuff… body image, getting the body we never thought we could have, and all of the things that sabotage us in life from what we really want. I am going to drop the F bomb… I am not going to hold back. I’m gonna talk about lost love, shitty jobs, stressed with family, struggles with food and struggles with people.

This is more than just a blog about health and wellness and living your best life… its about real life. I’m going to share my poetry, my recipes, my successes, and my “not exactly what you’d call successes.”

I am going to tell you MY truth with the hope that it can help you to find yours.